Controlling the Origins of Psychological Ideas

Former APA president Nicholas Cummings, in a professional journal, supports well the financial interests of managed care as he calls on psychologists to change their therapeutic beliefs so that cost-effective techniques will be embraced by the psychotherapeutic community. In his article, "A Primer for Survival", he instructs psychologists to retrain and regroup themselves so that they may prosper as professionals in this new era of mental health. Arguing short-term therapies to be as effective as long-term ones, Cummings calls on psychotherapists to make essential paradigm shifts implementing these cost-effective methods. He believes that mental health can offer a variety of services which, if integrated well, can provide episodic soothing for people and families in need. Cummings correctly calls his article "A Primer for Survival", informing psychologists that if they wish to prosper as professionals in the field than they need to adapt themselves to employment demands of managed care.

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Referenced article: Impact of Managed Care on Employment and Training: A Primer for Survival. Professional Psychology. Research and Practice 1995, 26. No. 1, 10-15