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Healing: Psychology's Wound

The whole of Psychology has a healing problem: A paper by the Editor on

by The Editor

The End of Therapy

Therapy is facing increasingly tougher times. Is it the end?
A paper by the Editor on

by The Editor

Ideas and Managed Care

Managed care is effecting the way psychology thinks!

by Liam Marsh

The Fantasy of Science:
Psychology Struggles with a Persona

It's all here: Jung, Freud, Einstein, animation and monkeys!

by Liam Marsh

Grave Reflections

Grave is the matter of tragedy: A pathological gaze into Hamlet's fate.

by Andrew T. Castro

Jungian, Archetypal, Imaginal, and Depth psychology

A subtle blend of poesis and conjecture:

by The Editor

The Priapus Page

Priapus, tutor of Ares, misunderstood and outcast forger of obscene connections, makes a grand appearance on this beautiful page. This most mightily endowed creature will not leave you wanting if life in extremis is what you desire.

by The Editor

Withdrawl of Projection

Psychological awareness or the death of passion? An inquiry into our severed Romanitic Roots.

by John Woodcock

The Oakland Raiders: A Fresh Look.

The Guamanian Raider takes a common image, one that our culture deems as natural, and opens it up for an imaginative investigation. One of the most unreflected landscapes in American culture is the gridiron, the field for football and football's imaginative field.

by Andrew T. Castro


Hymn to Ares

Poetry with ancient Greek images.

by Liam Marsh

Heroes Wait For Wind

Part prophet, part madman; Mitch Torina shoots off a short string of pearls.

by Mitchell Torina

Women are from Venus:
Old poetry by Yosano Akiko and others.

Erotic Japanese Tanka, written by Yosano Akiko and others. A couple of Korean Shijos as well. All packaged with images of the Asia and the feminine.

arranged by Liam Marsh

Ars moriendi

Celebrated modern poet, D.H. Sutherland returns to the Ares Press with a couple of his lastest works. Include are some images of Athena and a couple of lesser, yet not weaker, goddesses. They'll murder him in concert.

by D.H. Sutherland

The Tao Te Ching and Chinese Art

The antidote to psychology: Give up Sainthood, renounce Wisdom. Everything was said by Lao Tzu. In his work is the deepest psychology, the clearest religion and the most detailed metaphysics. Short quotes from the Tao Te Ching with some old Chinese art.

arranged by Liam Marsh