(July 27, 2004)

Due to a priapic amount of junk mail, probably 500+ per day, we are no longer using the address. The new contact for the editor is You can still reach Liam Marsh at, Andrew Castro at, and Mitch Torina at Other contributors' names appear near their addresses. Apologies to all the folks whose mail was thrown out with the bath water.

The Ares Press slowly makes its way into the millennium...

A new article by The Editor on the (fore)shadow(ing) of termination.

A new article by Dennis P. Quinn on Priapus in Petronius' Satryicon.

The ever so popular Hamlet treatise by Andrew T. Castro now includes graven images.

A new essay on the questionable notion of projection and psychology's Romantic roots by John Woodcock.

We now have our own domain! Don't forget to update your bookmarks and links to

New article by the Editor on Psychology and Healing

A new look at Psychology's fantasy of Science by Liam Marsh.

Liam Marsh's Managed Care article has been beautifully re-vamped!

Priapus has arrived!

New poetry by Mitchell Torina with enthralling images.

Letters to the Editor, but this one's up to you!

Ever wonder who's in charge? So do we. Check out our self-aggrandizng People page.

Useless Radio Buttons for your fondling pleasure.

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More about this Greek god of war, who Carl Jung claimed is the principle of individuation, but who is mysteriously missing from modern "Jungian" psychology.

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Psychology is waging a war against rage, but rage belongs to Ares, and he will have his revenge.

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The word "whiskey" means "water of life". Should Michael Meade have written Men and Whiskey?

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Radical author of Love's Body, Life Against Death, and Hermes the Thief.


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